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University Bible Fellowship (UBF) is evil part 1:

Since I have left that horrible church of theirs, I have still been trying to appreciate the reality that I don't have to go back there.  It still feels like I'm under a horrible burden/yoke of slavery when trying to live these days of my life.  It's amazing how the Bible teaches us at the end what to look out for, and yet... it ends up sneaking up on us (because we didn't listen to it, didn't know it, or we were tricked) and using the exact words we look to for the answer, the enemy uses these the words to gain control over innocent Christians trying to understand Jesus and Paul.  So, it was almost like... they were twisting around all of the words of the New Testament to destroy the original meaning of it.  I was so scared at a time because I thought that if I had continued to study to study the bible with them, all true meaning would be lost out of my sight.  I never wanted to study the Gospel of John with them because I thought they would corrupt it the same way that they had corrupted some of the other Gospels.  They were changing the meanings of words like, humble, and some other ones so that we would not understand what they meant anymore.  They took "control" over these words so that the ones in that church would not know the original meaning anymore.  I felt the "ripping" apart of my soul when listening to one of these messages given by the preacher.  It was the most horrible language I had ever heard, the moment I stopped listening to him, I entered into a paradise of serene music with beautiful birds chirping beautiful music and I was able to feel "at peace" for once. 

I am still trying to get a grip on what actually took place at that church and how I can put my feelings down on paper(keyboard), but I have lost a lot of confidence in myself since the guilt started.  I am starting to pray all the time everyday for them now and I feel a lot better for doing so.  I felt for the longest time guilty because I had "left/abandoned" some innocent Christians there with the wolves in the same building, without giving them/showing them the error of the church's ways so to introduce them into the wonderful freedom of Jesus' love, but until now, I have the utmost confidence and belief that God can help them through prayer.  I did not have enough energy or "guts" to stand up to the evil which was happening in that Church it was so scary.  It felt like I was in prison/North Korea/communist country with no way out except death. 

God is helping me to "let go" of my concern for these unfortunate individuals(old friends) by giving me confidence that He can "handle" the problems with the church and with their teaching.  If someone learns what the BIble says and how it says the many things it does(how God talks), then they will either act with Love or with Evil in regard to the text.  I believe that it was/is written in such a way that everyone can get what they need out of it, whether it be evil energy from Satan or Loving support from Jesus.  Good Luck all who find the guts to join the fight in searching for the ultimate treasure, the peace that comes through faith in Jesus, to receive his love, which will provide you all the energy necessary to surpass and travel beyond this plane of existence(earthly sin) and into heavenly Love which is beyond Glorious.  I tell you that I have not received such beauty/peace/serenity/relaxation anywhere else in my entire life than learning how to trust/believe/havefaith in the Lord.  If anyone starts coming under attacks from Satan and you are in a safe place, please pray for the ones who are stuck in the place that they do not want to be, the place where they want to leave by all means, but do not have the energy to get up and save themselves, imagine innocent souls tricked into sinning thus being dragged into hell against their own wills/conscience/desire, it is happening in this day.  THE REASON IS THIS:  You cannot fight back against Satan by yourself, because he has deceived the people into believing that man will always be there for them, thus they end up taking their eyes off of Jesus who is the only one to save anyone from Satan.  This is a righteous prayer to save you from your trouble.  Be thankful no one has taught you against Jesus yet.  I am dead everyday I do not have faith in Jesus.  God BLESS you warriors!!!!!! 
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